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Broncos 10U Boca Post Game Note
by posted 02/17/2020

Parents: Thank you for bringing your sons to the game on Saturday. I hope you enjoyed the game, rain and all.


Our game vs Boca was a learning experience.  We learned much of the capability of the team Saturday.  The boys played with determination and improved steadily from the first quarter to the end of the game.  I am confident that in the games to come you will see great improvement and consistent team play.

NEXT SATURDAY - we have TWO HOME games, one at 9:00 and another at Noon.  The games will be on the Fusion Ffield in Davie.  Please note this. As usual, if you cannot make one or both games, please let me know.  This is also picture day so be sure your player brings his uniform.


PLAYING TIME: I trust all of you were satisfied with your son’s time on the field against Boca. We had 17 players and sadly, my lineup for the game turned to pulp due to the rain so substitutions may have been imperfect at best.  I am still learning the players names and numbers and hope to be much smoother with substituting this weekend.  If any of your sons thought they were overlooked in terms of playing time, let me know, so this will not be repeated.

TUESDAY PRACTICE: I would like each of your sons to write on a note card of piece of paper, what they think we need to work on as a team.  I apologise for this pedantic approach but I need to have the players understand the weaknesses we currently have as a team.  Just a simple line such as “passing” or “getting open”.  This lets us know as a coaching staff the level of understanding we have today and what we need to work on, other than obvious issues.

This week we will begin working on field skills, such as dodging on offense.  You probably noted the many takeaways that Boca had; those were due to our positioning close to our defenders.  Dodging, getting open and making the pass (that is caught) will erase many, if not all of those takeaways.  We will also work on cradling and protecting our stick when we have the ball, which will also reduce takeaways.  Shooting will be another skill we will work on.


Lacrosse involves a myriad of small things, the improvement of which provides great dividends to us as individual players and as a team.

These little improvements will require focus and attention of the players, so please tell your sons to listen when we are explaining things, ask questions if they don’t understand.

Anyone that needs help working on one or more skills, please come to practice early.  I will be working with our goalies early as well. 


I promise any following notes will be less verbose. Ha!

Best regards


Coach P

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Broncos 10U First Game Note
by posted 02/12/2020

Parents (and players)


Our first game is this Saturday, February 5 against the Boca Jets Blue team.  The time for this game was changed from the original schedule.  Some of the boys last night were unaware of the changed.

GAME IS AT 1:00pm At Patch Reef Park this Saturday.  Directions are on the Bronocs website.  We shall be on the SW field.  The prior game will be over by 12:45 so please have your son dressed at the field by 12:45.

UNIFORMS .  Our uniforms have arrived and will be given out this Thursday.  If you cannot make practice Thursday, I will bring the unis on Saturday.

WEATHER.  Lacrosse is played in the rain provided no thunderstorms or lighting is nearby.  Patch Reef Park has a great lightning detection system, as do many other parks, so there should be no worry.  You will get an email if any games have been cancelled.

The weather promises to be warm, so please have your sons water up before the game.  Bathrrom breaks should be before the game but if need be, all they need to do is tell us "gotta go" and run off to the bathroom.  No need to ask permission.

PRACTICE.  Last night we separated the boys into equal numbers of white and orange jerseys.  Going forward, please have the boys dress in the colors they were last night so we dont have to stop practice to even up the numbers.  Here are the colors for those that were unable to attend Tuesday night:  Christian - White, Ki - Orange, Josh - White and Matt - White. 


Coach P



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Broncos 10U Coach's Note
by posted 02/10/2020


Thanks for placing your boys in the 10U Davie Broncos lacrosse program.  We have been at it for two weeks and slowly the skills are building.  The skills will come over the season.


Saturday we have our first game against Boca.  Some of the boys sticks need maintenance.  Some players have loose heads on their crosses.  Please take a phillips screwdriver to them and tighten the heads. 

Some of our players have no prior experience.  I would like them, if your schedule permits, to come a bit early to practice for some extra help.  I am already working with our two goalies, Jonathan and Christian, before practice.  Although this team is supposed to have two more additional father coaches, they are tied up with other levels and will be available mostly at the end of practice and games, so trying to work with the newcomers during practice is a bit difficult.  If they can come 15 minutes before practice, we can work with them on a single skill.

One easy way to learn the game is to watch parts of lacrosse games on YouTube or ESPNU.  Tonight at 7:00pm Johns Hopkins plays Towson State.  I hope you open this email in time and turn on or even tape a portion of the game for your sons.  I have always found game film to be very instructive (at least at the  HS level). Ha!

This week we will work on principles of offense and defensive skills.  I would please ask you to talk with your sons and ask them to listen when we are talking before a drill as well as focus on the drill rather than talking in line with a buddy.  Better attention means easier game play and planning.  Thanks.


Playing time, as I noted after the first practice will not be based on skill but getting the boys in equal amounts of time, to the extent possible.  If we have a game and a few player absences, some players will play a bit more than others.

Don’t be surprised if you find some of your sons “benched” during the first game.  They wont be on the bench but serving penalty time as their defensive play is rough, such as pushes from behind and uncontrolled checking.  At this level the focus by the officials is on rules and safety.   After one game, I think this will change. 

Thanks for encouraging your sons to play this wonderful game.


Best regards


Coach P

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