Davie Youth Rec lacrosse league

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The South Florida Youth Lacrosse League plans to hold a "Showcase" for Boys U13 All Star teams.    Davie has had a great record in the past and will participate again this year.   Games are expected all to be held on Sunday April 30.   

Coaches have submitted player selections and I have determined the final rosters below.   Congratulations to all those selected this season.  Alternates will only participate if we are short players and need to call you up.   We hope to hold 1 or 2 practices prior to the event.  Those days at times are yet to be determined.

I will be coaching along with Allen Duarte.  We will try to play players equally but we are aiming to win these games.  Play time in any given game MAY be limited so if you could possibly have an issue with play time at this event we suggest consider opting to not participate.   You also may have other obligations on these days.   Either way, .  

Coach Pete

Here are the 2017 Davie All Star selections:

Appelblatt Preston
Aufenager Brenden
Davis Andrew
Diaz Luke
Dunne Kelly
Engeler Brey
Engeler Colton
Ethan Davis
Feiner Noah
Garey Chase
Herbert Cayden
Hopkins Zach
Kirkeide Anders
Klis Andrew
Lago Bryceon
Layne Vincent
Lewis Jake
Lewis Zach
Tedim Justin
Weinsier Drew
White Brett
McDonald Aiden
Plate Juan Carlos
Santarsiero Nick