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FINANCIAL AID PROGRAM (Davie Residents Only)
We now offer the opportunity to register your kids via a financial aid plan that is sponsored by the Town of Davie.  This program is coordinated by the Housing and Community Development Department under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).   It’s basic intention is to provide financial assistance to Davie residents (only) who can demonstrate their needs via certain required documentation.  Applicants would need to submit a simple two page application along with either a copy of their last FPL bill or telephone bill.  Additionally, the Town is currently asking to see if your child receives a “free or reduced lunch” at school.  This might become an optional requirement at a later time.

Contact Melanie below to apply.  You can apply for funding even if you have already paid us for the program.  Get your application in before 1/1/14.

The program will cover the cost of registration and equipping your child (approx $250) for this upcoming season.   Once you complete your application, you will need to call the (Town) Housing and Community Development Department in order to make an appointment with a grant specialist to review your documentation.  It usually takes approximately one week for the Town to review and approve your application (pending all requirements are met).

If you meet all of the requirements for financial aid, the Town will issue a payment directly to the Davie Youth Lacrosse Foundation, Inc. on behalf of your child. There will be NO payment made to the applicant’s family.

If you have more than one child that you’d like to register, the maximum number of children for scholarships (per family) is four (4).   Also, the household income threshold is higher should you elect to enroll more children.   You can call the telephone number below for the exact household income allowed based on the number of children you are enrolling.


1.  Register your player or players on the Davie Lacrosse registration page using the "pay by mail" option.  Print an extra copy of your registration confirmation.

2.  Download and complete the CDBG Application form.

3.  Contact the Davie Neighborhood Resource Specialist at the below number to schedule a meeting for your Davie Lacrosse financial aid.

4.  Bring the below required documents to your meeting:

    • Picture ID of parent or guardian
    • Copy of last FPL bill or last Telephone bill
    • Proof that child receives free or reduced lunch
    • Completed Davie Lacrosse registration email confirmation (showing pay by mail)

5.  Check back with your resource officer in the time frame they tell you to determine approval.

6.  Once approved you should refer to the Davie Lacrosse equipment page to determine player equipment size.

7.  Email the player's name and size to indicating your financial aid application has been approved.   You will receive your equipment in approximately 30 days or less.

Contact & Office Information:

Neighborhood Resource Specialist

Housing & Community Development

Town of Davie
4700 SW 64th Avenue, Suite D
Davie, Fl 33314

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